Slim Aarons ‘Pool at Brisas


Size c   730 x 490 mm Unframed Print

‘Pool at Brisas’  was taken by famous photographer, Slim Aarons. The photo shows guests in the pool at the Las Brisas Hotel, Acapulco, Mexico, February 1972. Aarons is renowned for his evocative photographs of, as he described it, “attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places.”

The photographs are printed and authorised by the Getty Images Gallery, London. Each print is numbered and estate stamped, and comes with an authenticity certificate.

The total size for unframed prints are as follows:

Size C   490 x 320 mm
Size D   590 x 390 mm
Size E   730 x 490 mm
Size F   965 x 640 mm
Size G  1440 x 965 mm

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